Bluelock // 2012 Website Redesign & Branding Evolution

Miles Design’s second engagement with Bluelock. An entire website redesign and branding evolution.

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The Challenges:

Bluelock came to Miles Design to have their site redesigned in an effort to keep up with the latest trends in online marketing and web development. We were also tasked with bringing an evolution to their brand in redesigning the website. Bluelock had several specific and concrete goals that Miles Design was able to help them achieve as a result of their engagement with us, including:

  • Site Architecture: Improved sitemap that helped Bluelock better emphasize their targeted content
  • Visual Communication: Helped Bluelock quickly communicate to their visitors what Bluelock does
  • Web Design & UX Standards: Brought Bluelock up to modern standards, including responsive design
  • Conversion Optimization: Created a consistent and repeatable conversion process to Bluelock’s visitors, helping them increase their lead to conversion potential

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