Webinar: Famous in Your Field

The New Rules to Standing Out and Owning Your Career In case you missed our recent webinar: Listen in on Josh’s conversation with Lori Nash Byron, founder of Famous in Your Field, and you’ll discover: How to channel your inner moxie, so that you ask for what you want and actually get it The little […]

by Josh Miles

Are professional services firms afraid of social media?

After speaking with professional services firms across the country, I can tell you… the fears of social media are very real. I had the opportunity to co-host a professional services tweet chat with Taryn Erickson at SoMeffect, to discuss “Fears of Social Media.” (You can find our original questions, see: Do you FEAR Social Media?) […]

by Josh Miles

4 Levels of Brand Engagement: Level 4–Keep Them Coming Back.

(The fourth article in a four-part series) Now that your professional services website is attracting searchers, passing the two second test, and has valuable content, your next online engagement goal should be to encourage repeat visitors. Think about the sites that you routinely visit. I’m guessing that seldom updated, bland, self-serving sites aren’t very high […]

by Josh Miles

Designing an Engaging Tradeshow Experience

What does your tradeshow booth say about your brand? Our branding firm had the honor of sponsoring the opening reception of a regional conference this past week for an association of professional architecture, engineering and construction marketers called SMPS Heartland. While we enjoyed the fact that as sponsors, we were allowed to have “a booth,” […]

by Josh Miles

Networking: Developing a Balanced Strategy

Something happened a few weeks ago that really got me thinking about the importance of networking, and more importantly, developing a solid strategy for it. I was at an event, and I was introduced to a group of college students from a local design school. I talked with them for a while, and before I […]

by Amanda Blackburn

2010 Super Bowl Commercials – Battle of the Brands

Which 2010 Super Bowl commercials did the best to build an already strong brand? Which brands invested in commercials that best introduced a new brand? Which were the best uses of Social Media, after the commercial? Which brands would have done more good by just donating their cash to a cause? After they air, check […]

by Josh Miles

5 Social Media Tips for Professional Services Branding.

What’s the number one branding question we’ve been hearing from our professional services clients these days? “Should our firm be using Social Media?” Any guesses what my answer is? “Nope.” That’s right, nope. Not unless you have a strategy for how to make it work. In reality, Social Media can greatly support your efforts to […]

by Josh Miles

Designing an Achievable Goal

It’s just like I told one of our designers on Friday as we walked out to our cars, “One week down, 51 weeks to go.” What are you going to do with the next 51 weeks? Are some of your New Year’s Resolutions already a little out of focus? What were those again? Eat healthier. […]

by Josh Miles