All I Want for Christmas is…

Christmas is less than two weeks away now (yikes!), and the time remaining to purchase those all-important gifts is ticking away. No need to panic yet though. In the spirit of holiday giving, we’re sharing a few things from each of our Christmas (or every day) wish lists. Who knows, maybe we’ll spark an idea […]

by Amanda Blackburn

Designing a Unique Holiday Gift – 2nd Annual Adopt-A-Family

Our second annual Miles Design adopt-a-family was a success, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to participate again this year. We learned quite a bit about the process and strategy from our experiences last year, and this year went off without a hitch–it was truly a team effort from start to finish. This […]

by Amanda Blackburn

Final Update – Designing a Unique Holiday Gift

We’re pleased to report that we have successfully shopped, wrapped, and delivered all of the gifts over the past week. Here’s a little of the “evidence” shall we say? If you want to see the photos, you’re going to have to click to read more! To close out our 2008 Christmas Shopping Odyssey, here’s a […]

by Josh Miles