Give the gift of Viral:A New Twist on the Holiday Card

The Holiday Greeting card that encourages you to pass it on… Every year, even creative types like us enjoy a love-hate relationship with Holiday greeting card design. Although we’ve designed a few award-winners in the past, that only serves to push us to a higher standard for what to do for an encore. This year […]

by Josh Miles

PRIME: Celebrating Design Excellence in Indianapolis

Good things are happening for the Indianapolis design community and Miles Design! PRIME–the first annual AIGA Indy Design Awards Show–is opening to the public this Friday, and we’re excited to share that four of our entries were chosen to be included in the show. For those of you not familiar with PRIME, or AIGA Indy […]

by Amanda Blackburn

MD News updates

Much has happened in the past four months. A new office, new baby, etc… So in the interest of catching everyone up quickly, here’s a recap in bullet point format: 07.01.07 – MD moves into new offices at the Precedent, complete with a fourth floor view of “Lake Precedent.” (To date, no geese have chased […]

by Josh Miles

When designers (pro)create.

Designers love to create. Sometimes we even procreate. And that can be intimidating. I’m not the first to suggest that jumping into parenthood comes with many new pressures. It’s just that as designers, we tend to put a little extra pressure on ourselves. Never mind the whole am I ready to be a parent? line […]

by Josh Miles