App Press: Designing UX for Designers

Miles Design was engaged by the team at App Press to help design and wireframe the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) for the latest version of their software. App Press allows its users to create custom apps for Android and iOS without writing (or even understanding) a single line of code. It was […]

by Amanda Blackburn

JFK Poster Design for the Bigger Picture show

This was my second year to participate in the Bigger Picture Show. (Kudos to the International Film Festival and Lodge for a great show!) As usual, a crop of top Indianapolis designers were called on to contribute their reinterpretations of classic movie posters. Last year, I redesigned Psycho. This year, I was awarded the Oliver […]

by Josh Miles

How the Porsche 911 Design Reminds me to Ship.

I’m addicted to the BBC TV series, Top Gear. I’m not sure if it’s the dry humor, the amazing cars, or simply the British accents that make the show so delightful. Whatever it is, I’m addicted. Last week I watched a rerun of this 2007 episode, featuring the Porsche 911 GT3: a stripped down, no-frills, […]

by Josh Miles

Miles Design Adopt-A-Family Holiday Tradition

The holiday spirit is in full swing here at Miles Design with Christmas less than a week away now. While each of us enjoys challenging branding and design projects all year, every December we look forward to dedicating our time to some extra-special holiday “projects.” You may be familiar with our custom-designed holiday cards, but […]

by April Miles

All I Want for Christmas is…

Christmas is less than two weeks away now (yikes!), and the time remaining to purchase those all-important gifts is ticking away. No need to panic yet though. In the spirit of holiday giving, we’re sharing a few things from each of our Christmas (or every day) wish lists. Who knows, maybe we’ll spark an idea […]

by Amanda Blackburn

weheartlogos (and books)

As a design and branding firm, we’re excited anytime our brand identity designs get published. But we were more excited than usual to learn that 18 of our logo designs were going to be published in the first annual iheartlogos book, iheartlogos season one. This competition is cool because it’s very different than the typical […]

by Josh Miles

Designer vocabulary. A suite of sweet homonyms.

Q: What is wrong with the following sentence? We thought the new color palate was to blue and failed too compliment the stationary design. A: It’s a train wreck of well-intentioned designer vocabulary gone wrong. Ever since the early days of advertising, when art and copy were handled in separate departments, it’s been a long-running […]

by Josh Miles

Marketing You: Putting Your Best Self Forward

It’s graduation time, and design students all over the country are putting their college days behind them. After countless hours logged in the studio, late nights, and a heck-of-a-lot of time spent preparing portfolios, the time has come to hit the pavement in search of that first design job. Or, perhaps you’re a seasoned pro […]

by Amanda Blackburn

Networking: Developing a Balanced Strategy

Something happened a few weeks ago that really got me thinking about the importance of networking, and more importantly, developing a solid strategy for it. I was at an event, and I was introduced to a group of college students from a local design school. I talked with them for a while, and before I […]

by Amanda Blackburn

Designing a Unique Holiday Gift – 2nd Annual Adopt-A-Family

Our second annual Miles Design adopt-a-family was a success, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to participate again this year. We learned quite a bit about the process and strategy from our experiences last year, and this year went off without a hitch–it was truly a team effort from start to finish. This […]

by Amanda Blackburn