Networking: Developing a Balanced Strategy

Something happened a few weeks ago that really got me thinking about the importance of networking, and more importantly, developing a solid strategy for it. I was at an event, and I was introduced to a group of college students from a local design school. I talked with them for a while, and before I […]

by Amanda Blackburn

Summer 2008 – MD News updates

Once again, I’ve been too busy to blog… So in the interest of catching everyone up quickly (again), here’s a fresh recap in bullet point format: 02.29.08 – Driving Miss Debbie Millman (to the airport) after her great AIGA presentation on Leap Day. 03.15.08 – MD awarded redesign. 04.01.08 – MD begins rebranding for […]

by Josh Miles

MD News updates

Much has happened in the past four months. A new office, new baby, etc… So in the interest of catching everyone up quickly, here’s a recap in bullet point format: 07.01.07 – MD moves into new offices at the Precedent, complete with a fourth floor view of “Lake Precedent.” (To date, no geese have chased […]

by Josh Miles

Why blog?

It’s funny. It’s been over a year since we added our first (albeit brief) entry to the Miles Design blog. Although my original vision for our blog was to have a venue to talk about branding and share all of the interesting things around me, here we sat nearly 15 months later, with just one […]

by Josh Miles