Optimizing Your Brand For SEO Success

Branding (or re-branding) a business has always been tough, but in the digital age it has become exponentially tougher. With Google, Facebook, and Twitter looking over your shoulder on every decision you make, the pressure to perform is immense. Effective brands can excel more than ever, while ineffective brands still struggle to gain momentum. So […]

by Tim Hickle

Networking: Developing a Balanced Strategy

Something happened a few weeks ago that really got me thinking about the importance of networking, and more importantly, developing a solid strategy for it. I was at an event, and I was introduced to a group of college students from a local design school. I talked with them for a while, and before I […]

by Amanda Blackburn

Summer 2008 – MD News updates

Once again, I’ve been too busy to blog… So in the interest of catching everyone up quickly (again), here’s a fresh recap in bullet point format: 02.29.08 – Driving Miss Debbie Millman (to the airport) after her great AIGA presentation on Leap Day. 03.15.08 – MD awarded RatioArchitects.com redesign. 04.01.08 – MD begins rebranding for […]

by Josh Miles

MD News updates

Much has happened in the past four months. A new office, new baby, etc… So in the interest of catching everyone up quickly, here’s a recap in bullet point format: 07.01.07 – MD moves into new offices at the Precedent, complete with a fourth floor view of “Lake Precedent.” (To date, no geese have chased […]

by Josh Miles

Why blog?

It’s funny. It’s been over a year since we added our first (albeit brief) entry to the Miles Design blog. Although my original vision for our blog was to have a venue to talk about branding and share all of the interesting things around me, here we sat nearly 15 months later, with just one […]

by Josh Miles