Positioning a Brand: a Lesson from American Idol

Tuesday night, a bazillion viewers and I were watching American Idol. This was the first “live” episode of the season, which featured the show’s top 12 female vocalists. Performance after performance, Simon Cowell and the rest of the show’s judges shared with the contestants how they had simply failed to “stand out” among their peers. […]

by Josh Miles

Charting a Fresh Perspective

I recently spent a week traveling Oregon and Washington State while visiting a cousin in Corvallis. This was my first time visiting the west coast so I was excited to be visiting somewhere I’d never been. Discovering unfamiliar places can be enthralling, and my recent travels were no exception. My first discovery became apparent as […]

by Joshua Cook

2010 Super Bowl Commercials – Battle of the Brands

Which 2010 Super Bowl commercials did the best to build an already strong brand? Which brands invested in commercials that best introduced a new brand? Which were the best uses of Social Media, after the commercial? Which brands would have done more good by just donating their cash to a cause? After they air, check […]

by Josh Miles