Don Draper, Morgan Freeman, or Jim Carrey? Using Celebrities To Define Your Brand’s Voice

Which celebrity would best represent your brand? Have you noticed how big brands love to leverage A-List celebrities as voice-over talent? Maybe you’ve recognized the voices of Jon Hamm (aka Don Draper) for Mercedes, Morgan Freeman for Visa, Matthew McConaughey for Lincoln, or even Jim Carrey mocking McConaughey on SNL. Advertisers hope to create a […]

by Josh Miles

Executing an Effective Brand Refresh – The FFA Story

Usually when a company wants a rebrand, they’re looking to make significant changes to the brand they already have. Sometimes, however, a company with a lot of positive brand equity will look to branding companies for a simple “refresh” of their current brand. So what exactly does a brand refresh look like and how does it […]

by Tim Hickle

How To Write a Brand Positioning Statement In 3 Easy Steps

At this stage in my life, I feel like I’ve spent more time working with brands on positioning than just about anything else. No matter the industry, effectively identifying where your brand should be positioned in the marketplace is the first step to true marketing success. For many marketers, though, this can be an extremely difficult […]

by Brice Holland

How Valuable is Collaboration in the Design Process?

I always love hearing great feedback from clients, but this email felt particularly good. “I want to thank you all for such an awesome sales sheet. It has been one of my Achilles heels for past 12 years. We are getting great feedback from it already.” What stood out to me about that comment wasn’t the […]

by Jon McClure

How To Get The Rebranding Process Right

At first glance, rebranding a company is fun, new, and exciting. If you have any experience in branding, however, you quickly realize that the fun parts – choosing colors, logos, and fonts – are a very small portion of an effective rebrand. In order to rebrand a company effectively, you need to have a strong […]

by Tim Hickle

What is a Brand Positioning Statement?

In the marketing world, there are few things as powerful as an effective brand positioning statement. If you know how to create them effectively, every aspect of your marketing and sales process becomes easier. The biggest problem I’ve faced in creating effective positioning statements, however, is communicating what a brand positioning statement actually is. You see, as […]

by Brice Holland

How to design a brand identity system that works for your clients

If you’re building a new brand, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Simply having a logo doesn’t guarantee your brand identity system is going to work for you. Why is that? There’s a difference between having a simple, run-of-the-mill brand identity, and having a flexible brand identity system that really works. What’s […]

by Josh Miles

A Christmas (card) Story.

It’s true what they say about cobbler’s kids and their shoes. And the same holds true for design firms and their holiday cards. After concepting, designing, writing and producing holiday mailers for a number of our clients, the team at Miles Design needed to make holiday haste and create our own cards before the season […]

by Brice Holland