AIGA Kickball – A Summer in Review

What a summer. It always feels like it goes by too fast. As the 2015 AIGA Agency Kickball season came to a close last week, I couldn’t help but think about all the fun we had. It was certainly an interesting season for our team. We were fresh off of doubling in size, rebranding our […]

by Stacey McClure

What Makes Great Web Design?

Think about the most frustrating experience you’ve had using a website. What made it so bad? Were you filling out your Jimmy John’s order form before one wrong click wiped the entire delivery field AND your order? Or was it the Big Tom’s Tow Truck Company website that never loaded as you sat there on […]

by Eric Rees

What to Expect When You Hire an Online Marketing Agency

So your business is looking to hire an online marketing agency. What should you expect? If you’re used to hiring more traditional marketing agencies, or if you’ve never hired a marketing agency at all, you may have no idea where to set your expectations for success. I’ll start by saying this: Digital marketing is a […]

by Tim Hickle

Friendship, Flying and Family-Based Culture

MilesHerndon Listed Benefits: Health Insurance 401k Remote Work Casual Dress The Gift of Flight? Companies love to sell employees on their “company culture” when they’re listing their benefits packages, and coming from the marketing technology sector, I’ve seen them all. I’ve seen plenty of ping pong tables, basketball courts, and — my personal favorite — Foot Pool. No […]

by Tim Hickle

What Deliverables Should Your Online Marketing Agency Provide?

In today’s ever-changing world of online marketing, results can be tough to nail down for clients, or even members of your own marketing team. The vast frontier of different services, algorithms and metrics are waiting to be settled, but while your agency is out fighting the good fight, your clients can get worried about the […]

by Eric Rees

Why Our Developers Love Craft CMS (And Yours Would Too)

For some digital marketers today, the search for a content management system (CMS) never goes further than WordPress, if there is even a search at all. In most cases, that’s going to be more reliable for most of your website needs. WordPress didn’t become an industry standard for no reason. However, our team of talented […]

by Eric Rees

How Do I Design a Social Media Strategy?

How does your company manage social media? Are you proactive about your social media presence, or reactive? Do you monitor your mentions closely, or do you ignore them? Do you tweet as you go, or do you have a plan? Is that plan documented? Far too many marketers place an unnatural emphasis on the minute […]

by Tim Hickle

Technology Trends Disrupting Consumer Behavior

The 2015 MBO Conference was filled with incredible insights on marketing and technology from the best that the industry has to offer. Kyle Lacy’s speech covered current technology trends and potential technology trends with the potential to disrupt consumer behavior. This post features notes and takeaways from Lacy’s speech. To learn more about the MBO […]

by Tim Hickle

What Does The Best Brand Marketing Look Like?

For many marketers, effective brand marketing is elusive. There are dozens of reasons marketers fail at brand marketing – they don’t take enough risk, they’re not creative enough, they don’t understand what brand marketing is – but there are a few reasons that the most successful brand marketers succeed. The best brand marketing has a few common […]

by Tim Hickle