A Christmas (card) Story.

It’s true what they say about cobbler’s kids and their shoes. And the same holds true for design firms and their holiday cards. After concepting, designing, writing and producing holiday mailers for a number of our clients, the team at Miles Design needed to make holiday haste and create our own cards before the season […]

by Brice Holland

Billionaires, branding and innovation.

I was excited to attend Forbes Reinventing America: The Innovation Summit last week here in Indy, which was kicked off by none other than (former presidential candidate) Steve Forbes interviewing (rumored presidential candidate) Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Of course, Mr. Forbes asked Governor Pence if he was, indeed, running for president. A question Governor Pence […]

by Brice Holland

Miles Design in PRINT Regional Design Annual

We are excited to announce our first piece to be recognized in the PRINT Magazine Regional Design Annual: our identity package design for William Roam. Print Magazine’s Regional Design Annual spotlights the best and boldest American design. [Cincinnati]—William Roam identity package, designed by Miles Design, was chosen as one of the 350 best designs in […]

by Josh Miles

Website Emergency 2014

10 Things You Need to Consider for Your Firm’s Next Website This is a piece I wrote for SMPS in the June 2014 issue of Marketer. My AEC website emergency article walks firms through the top ten things to determine if your web site is ready for an overhaul. Here’s a snippet: Does the following statement […]

by Josh Miles

Brand X-Factors: 8 Traits of Blockbuster Brands (and Superheroes)

I was really into superheroes as a kid. And if I’m being honest, I still am. Think of the iconic superheroes who have graced the silver screen: Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and of course the X-Men. There are so many interesting parallels between the corporate identities of blockbuster brands, and super-human traits of superheroes. […]

by Josh Miles

What is your brand essence?

What exactly is a brand essence? I’m glad you asked. Your brand essence is the sweet spot where the unique elements of your brand intersect. It will be a precise statement pinpointing the core of your brand. It is the shortest, cleanest description of who you are. The following is an excerpt and adaptation from […]

by Josh Miles

Some Thoughts on Culture

Recently I was emailing back and forth with one of our team members as he wrapped up a day full of meetings with an out-of-town client. In one of his messages, he said, “I’m still trying to become a pro at all of this. Learning as I go.” Learning as I go. This stuck with […]

by April Miles

Recent Work: Lappin 180 Identity System

The challenge: how do you design envelope-pushing business collateral for a client whose core concept is based on breaking the status quo? Lappin 180 urges clients to approach problems in new ways and think differently. This thinking shaped our process of creating their new set of business cards and notecards. Each card was designed to be wrapped […]

by Marco Boulais

Team Event: Bike to the Ballpark

To celebrate the onset of sunnier days, our team recently took a little afternoon break and participated in Bike to the Ballpark, an annual party and fun ride to the Indians season opening game. We biked from our office to Sun King, where we toasted to some recent projects, then we rode across downtown to […]

by Cole Farrell