Is Your Logo Worse for Wear, or Good To Go?

You know that one sweater in your closet? It’s comfortable, familiar, and just seems to go with everything. You love that sweater. The only problem is it doesn’t quite fit like it used to. It’s a little short, snug in the wrong places, and starting to get a tiny hole on the back. Your sweater […]

by Josh Miles

Help! Brand Crisis! I Want To Change Our Identity!

Okay, take a deep breath. Your brand just went through a crisis. Maybe you’ve caught some flack online. Maybe you’ve enraged your consumer base or gotten caught up in some fraudulent practices. No matter what the situation, if your brand is in crisis, it’s extremely important that you remain calm. The last thing you want […]

by Tim Hickle

Rebranding a Company in 4 Steps

Rebranding a company is to marketers what the Prom is to high schoolers. Love it or hate it, you’re going to have to do it at least once in your life. In may ways, rebranding your first company is a rite of passage, so you want to make sure you do it right. The good […]

by Brice Holland

How To Create a Sales Sheet That Actually Works

Ask 10 in-house marketers what their most vexing issue is and at least 9 of them will respond the same way – sales support. Effectively supporting a sales staff is tough, and no piece of collateral makes this more evident than the sales sheet. You have a fixed amount of space to get a prospect’s […]

by Theresa Behrens

How Do You Define Your Brand?

Your marketing department loves talking about your brand, but unless you’re a seasoned marketer, you probably struggle to grasp the importance of this seemingly abstract topic. So what is a brand? How do you define it, how do you shape it, and why is it important for your business? Definition – Brand Listen, it doesn’t […]

by Tim Hickle

Don Draper, Morgan Freeman, or Jim Carrey? Using Celebrities To Define Your Brand’s Voice

Which celebrity would best represent your brand? Have you noticed how big brands love to leverage A-List celebrities as voice-over talent? Maybe you’ve recognized the voices of Jon Hamm (aka Don Draper) for Mercedes, Morgan Freeman for Visa, Matthew McConaughey for Lincoln, or even Jim Carrey mocking McConaughey on SNL. Advertisers hope to create a […]

by Josh Miles

Executing an Effective Brand Refresh – The FFA Story

Usually when a company wants a rebrand, they’re looking to make significant changes to the brand they already have. Sometimes, however, a company with a lot of positive brand equity will look to branding companies for a simple “refresh” of their current brand. So what exactly does a brand refresh look like and how does it […]

by Tim Hickle