What is Brand Marketing?

“Brand Marketing” can be a can of worms. To some marketers, it’s a catch-all term that they throw around without thinking. To others, it’s a way to justify ineffective direct-response campaigns. To the truly skilled marketers, however, brand marketing is the culmination of robust market research, creative vision, and tactical prowess. So how can you […]

by Tim Hickle

Your Complete Brand Voice Checklist

Building a brand that your company can take pride in isn’t easy. You have to build a strong visual identity that will help you stand out in your industry while still making sure that your brand looks and feels reputable. Meanwhile, thanks to the proliferation of social media and content marketing, you need to build […]

by Tim Hickle

Culture Shift: Fostering a Culture of Subject Matter Experts

The 2015 MBO Conference was filled with incredible insights on marketing and technology from the best that the industry has to offer. Josh Miles’ speech covered company culture and developing your team into content creators for your marketing staff. This post features notes and takeaways from Josh’s speech. To learn more about the MBO Conference, download […]

by Tim Hickle

Channeling Your Logo Design Inspiration

Creative blocks. They happen to everyone. So how can you overcome the barriers to inspiration when designing a new logo for a brand? Some will advise doing more research or finding more creative inputs. Others focus on learning from what’s working for other people. Our top designers have all tried these methods in the past, […]

by Tim Hickle

What Questions Should I Ask When Developing My Brand Identity?

When you first set out to develop a brand identity, there are a lot more questions than answers. The problem isn’t finding questions to ask, it’s asking the right questions of your team to arrive at a brand identity that is truly representative of your company and relevant to your marketplace. There are three major areas that […]

by Tim Hickle

Incorporating Branding Exercises Into Any Department

Like it or not, branding isn’t a short process and it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your brand is comprised of every single customer touch point that your customer has, meaning your entire team needs to be bought into the same brand vision if you want to have any consistency in your brand experience. Getting […]

by Tim Hickle

Branding 102: Developing an Authentic Brand Voice

For part one of this series, “Branding 101: Your Brand Identity Checklist,” click here. Everyone extols the virtues of having a strong brand, but let’s face it, a logo and color palette seldom convert prospects into customers. If you want to truly have a brand that impacts your bottom line, you need to have a strong […]

by Tim Hickle

Is My Logo Too Similar To My Competitors?

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to come up with an original logo, but what’s the difference between inspiration and plagiarism? Trademark and Copyright laws can be confusing and complicated in the creative space, leading to a lot of grey area on the issue, so what are the rules of thumb your organization should follow […]

by Tim Hickle

What to Name Your Business if Your First Choice is Taken

I’ve had the opportunity in my, ahem, numerous years in the business to bestow names upon everything from tech startups and not-for-profits to consumer hard goods and proprietary manufacturing techniques. Not to mention three kids and a Pomeranian poodle. But this post isn’t about the naming process. It’s about the process after the process. Maybe […]

by Brice Holland

Designing The MilesHerndon Logo

As you’ve probably heard, Miles Design recently joined forces with a fellow Indianapolis-based branding agency, Redwall, to form MilesHerndon. While this new venture is exciting for our entire team, it also presents a huge challenge to our design team. Jon McClure, Stacey McClure, and Lee Eisenbarth were tasked with creating the new MilesHerndon logo in rapid […]

by MilesHerndon