Brand Strategy

Great brands—the ones that inspire loyalty and enjoy diehard followings—don’t happen by accident. They take root by virtue of insightful planning. That’s why, at Miles Design, strategy comes first. We develop, refine, and implement insightful plans that help our clients achieve premium positioning in the marketplace.

We work with our clients to analyze the competitive landscape. We also help them take a long, hard look at their own services and products. Through careful consideration of all the internal and external factors, we’re better able to chart a course for success. After all, no amount of marketing will support a weak brand.

What is brand strategy?

Brand Strategy covers the following topic areas:

  • Brand Audits
  • Branding Strategy
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Naming, Taglines, and Messaging
  • Brand Strategy Consulting
  • Website Audits
  • Marketing Strategy

Developing a meaningful brand strategy will guide your firm forward in a unified direction–one that will help you understand how best to position your brand within the marketplace, and leverage it for success.

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Continue reading for more detailed information concerning the different elements of brand strategy:

Brand Audits

Brand audits will consist of a detail uncovering of what people are saying about you out in the wild. Listening is a huge component in maintaining your brand. You have to know what people are saying about you. We’ve helped several clients gain a fundamental understanding of how their current brand is perceived. This, in turn, puts us in a perfect position to create an accurate brand strategy that will communicate the messages you want your audience to hear. From this point, we will help you learn how you can actively listen to your brand’s perception and adjust and communicate with your audience accordingly. Interested in a DIY Brand Strategy? Download yours now!

Positioning Strategy

It’s common for a client to look at their brand strategy and say to themselves “I want to take over the world,” “I want to do it all – communicate to everyone!” We understand where you’re coming from, believe us – we have the same zeal and determination that you do! However, we understand the necessity for a smart and accurate positioning strategy. Where do you fall amongst your competition in your specific market? Who are your constituents, your audience? What do they care about? What questions do they have about your market space? Are you answering those questions? We need to take what we’ve learned from our brand audit, and apply that knowledge to how we position ourselves within  your market and overall brand strategy. Not to mention, answering all of these questions puts us in an excellent position to begin a rock solid content marketing strategy as well!

Naming, Taglines & Messaging

When it comes to brand strategy, sometimes we have to start from the very beginning. The name of the entity you’re looking to brand is obviously extremely important. At Miles Design, we understand this at a very fundamental level. Typically, we will have a discovery meeting with a client where we’ll realize that we’re at a place where coming up with a new name is very appropriate and the timing is perfect. Thus, we work through the process – we will do all the background research and will present you with a list of potential brand names that you’ll be sure to love and will be able to build on for years to come. In addition, we have an awesome in-house copywriter that continuously blows us away with his incredible creative insight when it comes to taglines and brand messaging. When it’s all said and done, you’re going to have a brand that walks the walk and talks the talk.

Brand Strategy Consulting

By nature we’re brand strategy consultants. It’s in our blood and we’ve been doing it for years. No matter your question or concern, we have the experience to help guide you to the marketing goals you’re seeking to achieve. When forming your branding strategy, we’ll most likely ask you some of the following questions:

  • What plans do you have for your future marketing? (Video, digital, print, TV, radio, social, etc.)
  • Where has your marketing been most successful up to this point. Where have you seen your lowest cost for customer conversion?
  • What has been your least effective form of marketing or advertising up to this point? Where have you seen no return on your investment in terms of marketing?
Website Audits

As a company, Miles Design has built a lot of websites. We know how they work, and what makes them tick. From URL structure to 301 redirects, we’ve got the experience and passion for well functioning websites and we can help you with yours. When it comes to your brand strategy, your website will be a very important element. We consider everything when we build our websites – we leave no stone unturned. We know SEO and Inbound marketing better than most, because we’ve been living it for the past 10 years. Nothing beats experience in this field. Give us a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

Marketing Plans

Your brand strategy is complete. We’ve figured out how to position your brand, designed your logo, created your marketing collateral, designed and developed your website – now what? Don’t sweat it, Miles Design is still here to help. We have a dedicated arm of our firm dedicated to helping you develop and implement your website marketing plan. The term we’re using is “Inbound Marketing” and we can use it to help you build leads and drive sales. A good brand marketing strategy is essential in creating a well rounded business. Trust us, we’re practicing what we preach!

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Is brand strategy right for your firm? Contact Miles Design to learn more.